Mission - Vision - goal

Laborers, Church, & Community as agents of change.



Urban Missionaries of the Philippines (UM) is a mission partner in labor apostolate of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP). Since 1977, Urban Missionaries’ mission has been dedicated to:

  • Upholding the dignity, rights and role of laborers in a globalized world.
  • Strengthening the spirit of solidarity and collaboration among laborers, religious leaders, and local groups.
  • Promoting the gospel values of love, justice, and peace to empower working-class communities.
  • Enlivening a spirituality of compassion, stewardship, and servant leadership in women and men laborers, churches, and laity as a visible expression of living out their role as God’s co-creators.


Urban Missionaries of the Philippines (UM) envisions a society of Filipino laborers, in any industry or sector, who are given the equal opportunity, fair wages, and just workplace relations to transform resources into goods and services.  In addition, we envision a society where industries uphold laborers’ rights and dignity; industries and people alike maintain safe environmental practices; and worshipers actively participate in building the Reign of God. 


We advocate for worker justice and ecologically sustainable development through the promotion of a broad network of solidarity with and for laborers.

Left to Right: Lilia Casas, Sr. Faustina Choi (MSC), and Amalia Bascon.

Left to Right: Lilia Casas, Sr. Faustina Choi (MSC), and Amalia Bascon.