Special Message, Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC

My dear co-workers at UM,

I wish you blessed greetings on your 25th anniversary. In your desire to uplift the condition of our workers, you opted to follow the footsteps of Christ in solidarity with the cry and dreams of those who genuinely work for a living. What you have started serves as a bridge for AMRSP to really understand her mission as followers of Christ. The stories that you have heard from the workers and their families, I know that you too, are blessed with new strength and conviction to realize the vision of a better life for all.

I thank the Lord for all our brothers and sisters who offered their life for others. Among them are the religious who tried to give a new and deeper meaning to our vocation in ways unfamiliar to the Church. Most of all we must thank the laity who courageously stood and fought for the rights of the workers although they have no refuge or fortress to turn to like what our religious have usually fought.

The tapestry of stories that UM workers have woven in the past 25 years should only be included in the history of the church as a ray of light to give hope and new strength for all those who wish to share and be like Christ in changing the world.

May the stories gathered along the path of your journey with the workers be a living inspiration in the hearts of those who wish to lighten amidst the darkening cloud that threatens our land. To all, MABUHAY!

With you in Christ The Worker,

Bro. Armin Luistro
AMRSP Co-Chair

David Urieta